**Fixed** Bug - iOS: XY3 Finder turns off after registration

UPDATE: This bug has been resolved in XY Find It app version 3.52 for iOS. It is now available in the App Store on your iOS device.

To update to the latest version of the app, please open the App Store and tap on Updates in the bottom right corner. Select Update to the right of XY Find It, wait for it to download, and restart your iOS device.

Any XY Finders which were affected during the bug will need to be removed and added to your account. Please see "How to troubleshoot the problem" below for more information.


A bug has come to light wherein XY3 Finders may not remain "awake" (turned on) after registration. Normally, XY Finders remain on after being registered to an account so they can be located when needed. This bug makes some XY3 Finders power off even when they should remain on.

We apologize for the inconvenience. This bug is known to our development team and is being fixed. In the meantime, it should be correctable.



How to tell if your XY Finder has been affected:

Register your XY Finder. You'll find a helpful guide here.

After registering, please check your XY Finder after a little while by pressing its button. If it doesn't beep, try holding the button down for about 5 seconds. If it makes a two-tone beep, you will need to troubleshoot the device.


How to troubleshoot the problem:

Please remove your XY Finder from your account, and then register it again.

To remove your XY Finder from your account, open the XY app and make sure you're logged in, then select the item you wish to remove from your account. It will pop-up in a small window. In the top right corner of the pop-up window, select the gear / wheel icon. The item's settings will appear. Select the button which says "Unlink From Account."

When you're done, please restart your phone, then place your XY3 right next to your phone. Register your XY3 again.

Your XY3 should play a musical beep within a few seconds of being registered. This indicates it's been turned on successfully.



We will correct this bug in the near future. Please click the Follow button above to receive pertinent updates.

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please comment below. 

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