**Fixed** Bug - iOS: iPhone ringing on its own

We have released app version 3.49 which fixes the bug. It is currently available in the app store.



A bug has been discovered with the recent release of iOS version 3.48 that causes iPhones to begin ringing on their own.

A fix for the issue is already in the pipe-line and is just waiting for Apple to review and release it.

In the meantime it is possible to keep the app from ringing your phone by disabling location services for the app.

To disable location services: Open the menu (three bars in the corner) and select 'Setttings' then select 'Location' and change it from 'Always' to 'Never'. 

Once the new version is released (v3.49) you can re-enable location services by following these steps again and changing it from 'Never' back to 'Always'.


If your phone is ringing there are several ways to stop it. The first is just to tap on the notification (don't swipe it away, but tap on it). The second is to open the app then swipe it away. You can do that by double pressing the home button and then swiping up on the XY Find It App. The third way is to uninstall the app.

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