XY GPS Troubleshooting

If you're having difficulty using or registering your XY GPS, please refer to the information below. If you have any questions which aren't covered here or need additional assistance, please contact our customer support team.



Proximity detection is a Bluetooth range only feature. Your XY GPS will only display as in range when it is able to make a Bluetooth connection to your phone (between 100 and 150 feet). If your XY GPS is showing as out of range it does not mean your XY GPS is not working, only that it is out of your phone's Bluetooth range.

Your XY GPS communicates directly with your phone using Bluetooth, so you'll want to make sure it's detected on the screen if you want to change its battery setting, or use it to ring your phone.

If your XY GPS is near your phone but still shows as out of range, please make sure it's charged. If you're still having difficulty, please contact our customer support team.

The battery in the XY GPS is not designed to be removed.

While the smaller, Bluetooth-only models of XY Finder are designed to be opened and have their CR2032 disposable battery replaced. The battery in the XY GPS is rechargeable and does not need to be replaced. There is a micro USB port in the side of the XY GPS to allow for charging with the included charging cable.

Click here for more information about charging your XY GPS.

The XY GPS does not have a buzzer system and is not able to make noise. You will see a LED light in the button when it is pressed or the unit is charging.

When the XY GPS is activated in any way, as long the XY GPS has power, the light will turn on and blink. When you plug your XY GPS into the charging cable, the light will turn on without blinking to show it has started charging.

The light will also blink briefly when the XY GPS acquires or transmits its location.

The XY GPS does not currently offer a battery status reading.

XY GPS takes about two hours to fully charge. It's preferable to use the charging cable which comes with it, and please make sure the power source is powered up. (So if you plug it into your car, make sure the accessories are powered up, or if your plug it into your computer, make sure the computer is on.)

How long your XY GPS's battery lasts will depend on your battery setting, normally between 24 and 96 hours. Please check it and charge it before you plan on using it, or regularly if you use it daily.

Please bear in mind that your XY GPS is a cellular device, and that while it can switch to Bluetooth mode when it's near your phone to spare the battery, when it's away from your phone it will need to be charged on a schedule similar to a simple cell phone.

Our developers are currently working on making this feature available in future versions of the XY Find It app. 

If you have used your XY GPS previously, removing it from an account and then adding it to an account, please disregard this message. Your XY GPS could not be activated because it was already active.

If this is the first time you have ever tried to register your XY GPS, please contact our customer support team and we'll be happy to activate your XY GPS for you manually.

Please contact our customer support team and we'll check on the activation status for you.

Please make sure your XY GPS is charged. If it does not light up when activated (please try more than once), please plug your XY GPS in using its cord to charge it.

If your XY GPS is charged, please note that it will only update its location at preset intervals (between 5 and 30 minutes) when away from your mobile device. Additionally, it only reports a new location when it is moved a significant distance (more than 150 feet). Both of these functions help conserve the battery life of your XY GPS.

If you suspect your XY GPS should be reporting more often than it seems to be, please contact our customer support team.

The first thing you can do to extend your XY GPS’s battery life is switching its battery settings to "Save" mode.

To do this, please place your charged XY GPS near your mobile device and open the XY Find It app, logging in if necessary. Make sure Bluetooth services are turned on, and then tap on the XY GPS in the list of your items at the bottom of the screen.

Your XY GPS should pop up in a small window. Tap on the wheel or gear icon in the top right corner of the pop up window. The device settings should appear. At the bottom of the page, after a few seconds, battery settings should become available. Please tap on the Save button and then click Save or the check mark in the top right corner of your screen.

You can also save battery by keeping your XY GPS near your phone when running the XY Find It app. When XY GPS can connect with your phone via Bluetooth, it turns off its GPS and cellular services to conserve battery, instead reporting its location directly to your phone through Bluetooth.

Additionally, your XY GPS can be used while plugged in if you wish. For example, you can plug your XY GPS in inside your vehicle so it charges each time it runs. If you would like it to be portable, you can also use XY GPS with an external USB power bank.



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