Battery/Connection Troubleshooting

Let’s go through some of the most common battery problems that users experience. We will start with the XY2.



 -When you receive an XY2 there is a yellow tab that says “Remove.” Unfortunately pulling on that tab will rip it before it removes the entire thing. Let’s make sure that the tab is fully removed by opening the XY Finder and checking the inside by removing the tab.

 How to open your XY Find It - 



-Now that we made sure that the tab has been completely removed, let’s make sure that the battery is placed in the correct orientation. This is very easy to spot. Positive side is facing up and the positive side is the side with the manufacturer engraving.




-Once the tab has been removed and the battery placed in the correct orientation you should hear a beep coming from the XY Finder. If you do not hear the beep after these steps are taken please feel free to contact our customer service department for help.



 -The XY3 is different from the XY2 now that we introduce the XY Find It button. Let’s start by pressing down on the button and holding it down for 5+ seconds. That should start the XY Finder and make it beep.


-Having trouble making the XY Finder beep with the press of a button? Let’s see if we can’t figure out what is going on. To start this off let’s open the XY Finder first.


How to open your XY Find It -


-Now that we've got the XY Finder open, let’s do some troubleshooting to make sure the XY Find It is connected. First let’s make sure that the battery is facing up with the manufacturer's engraving showing.  



-Now that we have determined that the XY Finders battery is facing the correct direction let’s check that the XY Finder is making a positive connection to the battery. There are two tabs on the edge of the battery that need to touching the battery in order for the XY Finder to work. If they are not touching or lightly touching you can gently push them inwards slightly to make sure the positive connection is optimal.


-Now that we are placing the battery back in the unit let’s wipe the battery with a clean dry cloth. This is to make sure that there is nothing that can disrupt the signal from the battery to the finder.


-If after these test the XY Finder is still not beeping let’s try and replace the battery. If you do not have a replacement battery or another XY Finder to take the battery from please feel free to contact our  customer service department.

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