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This guide will cover our in-browser app at This app has similar functionality to our iOS and Android apps, but there exist a few key differences. These are:


  • Lists, Tags, and Searching
  • Sharing Finders
  • Button Functions (or Fun-tions, as I like to call them)
  • The Insider Club




Lists, Tags, and Searching

The first thing you may notice when logging into is that, instead of the finders displaying in a row on the bottom of the screen, there is a list view of finders on the left and even a search bar above it.

Being able to display larger numbers of finders and to search for them is perhaps the best feature for those with large numbers of finders on their account and it gets even better. If you click on a finder's picture and scroll down you'll see an area called 'tags'. Here you can give your finder a searchable tag, so if you have 3 sets of keys you could give them all the tag #keys and when you search for keys, they'll all show up!

For example: I have a lot of finders


If I just wanted to find certain ones though, I could give them a tag and then search for it.

Now, of course, this is not really important if you only have 1 finder, but it's still cool, right?


Sharing finders

Currently we have a guide that covers this over at lesson 4, but I'll give the cliff notes here. Click on a finder's picture to open its options. Find the share section and put in the email address of the account you wish to share the finder with.

An email will be sent to the account you specified asking them to accept the share request. Once they follow the link and sign in they will be able to see the finder you shared with them.

Please note: At this time they will only be able to see the finder on the website. They will also be unable to ring the finder. This is mostly used to see where a finder is on the map and keep tabs on it that way.

Button Functions

This area lets you view and control any IFTTT applets or Zapier Zaps you have tied to a finder.

Please note: Currently you may be given the ability, when looking at an applet or Zap, to adjust what the finder does on a single, double, or long press of the button. This feature is in a beta state and may or may not function properly.

The Insider Club

The Insider Club is a place that is exclusively for investors to go and check their benefits and access other secret things. If you'd like to get access you can invest now!


This concludes our look at our in-browser app.

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