Maximum Range of the Finder

The simple answer is: You should expect to see between 100 and 150 ft range with your finders and that is the number we are going to stand behind.

The complicated answer is: It can be hard to tell. I’ll spare you the math behind it, but Bluetooth is not a simple technology. Things like humidity, obstacles(like walls, bushes, and cars), reflective surfaces, certain devices(like Microwave ovens or wi-fi routers) can all interfere with the signal strength and make it bounce strangely.

If you imagine the signal as a thousand tiny bouncy balls flying out of your finder bouncing off everything in sight, you would not be far off of how it works. Which means the actual maximum changes by what they have to bounce off of to get to where they are going.

Thus you may see ranges as long as 364ft and as small as 50ft depending on your environment.

Also, please be aware that if the finder is fully submerged in water or buried in snow its effective range will be dramatically reduced due to the signal blocking properties of water.


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