Ring My Phone Troubleshooting

This article is designed to help you if you're having difficulty ringing your phone by pressing the button located under the XY logo on the front of your XY3 model XY Finder.



How To Tell If You Have An XY3

Please note that the Ring My Phone feature is only available to XY3 and XY GPS users. XY1 and XY2 Finders don't have a button and can't ring your phone. If you're not sure which model of XY Finder you have, please consult the image below.





Ringing Your Phone

To ring your phone using your XY Finder, the system must be set up fully. You'll need to make sure...

  • You have the XY Find It app installed on your phone
  • You have created an XY Find It account
  • You have an XY3 Bluetooth Finder registered to your account
  • You are logged into your XY Find It account by using the app on your phone
  • You have the app running on your phone 

If you need assistance getting these things set up, please click here to learn about how to do so.

Please note that this feature will also ring tablets in the same way, and your devices should ring even if they're in Silent mode (Your mobile device will ring by playing music).

To ring your phone, please press the button on your XY Finder. Within a few seconds to a minute, you should hear a piano tune being played by your phone.




If your phone does not ring when you expect it to do so, there are a few things you'll want to check on.

  • Ensure that Bluetooth services are turned on.

  • Make sure you're logged into the XY Find It account to which your XY Finder is registered.

  • Please ensure your phone is in range of your XY Finder. If you're looking for a misplaced phone and you believe it's in your vicinity, it might be a good idea to switch positions in case something is blocking the signal between your phone and your finder.
  • Make sure the XY Find It app is running. It can be running in either the background or foreground of your device, and your device can be locked.

  • Make sure your mobile device is on.

  • If you've been using your phone for a long time without restarting, especially if you use Bluetooth services for other accessories and especially if you have an Android device, please restart your device.

  • Make sure your XY Finder beeps when its button is pressed, or when its button is pressed and held for a few seconds. If it does not, it may need a new battery.

  • If your phone doesn't ring at all or only after you wake it up (turn the screen on) and you are using an iOS device, please see the alert at the top of this page.

    If this is happening and you're using an Android device, please contact support.

  • If your phone vibrates without playing a tone, please ensure that the XY Find It app is white-listed on any volume limiting apps you may be running. If this is not the issue, please contact support.


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