General Troubleshooting

This guide is for everyone and should be used first before perusing the more specific articles on our Help Center.


There is an old piece of advice that all IT workers know by heart and whisper in their sleep: “Have you tried turning it off then on again?” To that end please try the following advice.

I know some of it may feel like common sense or condescending, but we all make mistakes so sometimes it's good to review the basics.


Make sure your phone is turned on.

Make sure the app is running in the background and you’re signed into it.

Make sure Bluetooth and GPS are turned on.

Make sure your Finder has juice. Change the battery if it fails to beep when the button is pressed or if it does not show up in your ‘nearby’ page or if it shows as “out of range” when it is right next to your phone.

Log out of your app, restart your phone, and log back in. This works best when the app is freezing or crashing, or if it’s not updating quickly.

Turn off your Bluetooth and then turn it back on. Do this if your app is failing to update your Finders or can’t ring your Finders. Sometimes the Bluetooth signal gets gummed up, especially if there are other devices around.

Now that all this is out of the way you can go ahead and do a search up above or you can click here to go to our Troubleshooting section.


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  • My find it keeps beeping randomly. It keeps beeping just sitting still on my leg with the back cover off

  • Hey Candace,

    It sounds like the battery is not making a solid connection with your Finder. We've had some success cleaning the battery and the connector with a soft, dry cloth. If that doesn't help, go ahead and contact support and we'll trade out your Finder for a new one.

  • I have an XY3 that I got for Christmas (not quite 4 months ago). I have changed the battery twice, now the finder makes a noise that is barely audible from a distance of about 2 cm, rendering it essentially useless as a locating device. I know $20 isn't a lot to spend on such a product, but I'd expect it to last longer than 4 months.

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