Trouble Creating an Account

This article is for you if you are having trouble setting up or logging into an account.


If you are unable to download and install our app, click here.

If you are having trouble resetting your password, click here.


Common issues creating an account include:

  • An error indicating your email address is invalid
  • The app not continuing after a pop-up asking if your email address is correct

Common issues logging in include:

  • Invalid Password
  • Non-functioning Reset Password Link
  • Not being able to log-in with Facebook


Invalid Email - If you are receiving an error that your email is incorrect please double check its spelling to ensure it is accurate. If the app is asking you if your email is correct, but not doing anything when you press “yes”, see below.

Email Correct? Pop-up - If you are being asked if your email is correct, but the app is not doing anything when you click “yes”, you have discovered a rare bug. Don’t fear though. Your account was created successfully, the app is just getting hung up. Please back out of that screen and log in with the account information you just created.

Invalid Password - Please double check to make sure your password was entered correctly. Bare in mind that it is case sensitive. If the password still is not working, click or tap the “Reset Password” button. Then follow the instructions on the screen. If your new password does not work or you did not get the email, click here.

Reset Password button not working - If you are unable to tap the “Reset Password” button, please make sure you are using the most recent version of the app. If that does not help try it on a desktop or through your web browser. This is an old issue that impacted some iOS phones running an outdated version of our app.

Unable to login with Facebook - This is more commonly encountered after another account was logged off the app on the same device. The fix for this is to logout of Facebook. This happens because when you use Facebook to login, you are actually logging into your Facebook account through their secure network and Facebook is telling us you are who you claim to be.


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