Which OS Version Do I Have?

This article is for you if you want to know your Operating System(OS) version, but don’t know how to check it.

This is useful information to have, especially if you need to contact support, as our app do not work with Android 5.0 and lower or iOS version lower than 9.

The process is different for Android and iOS devices, but the logic behind it remains consistent.

What I mean by that is: on each device if you go to your settings and then to 'about my phone' you’ll find it. The location of the settings and the phrasing of ‘about my phone’ changes between devices.

If you have iOS, click here.

If you have Android, click here.



iOS device - iPhone and iPad

Find and open your settings. It will be an icon that looks like a gear. Its location on your screen will vary by where  you placed it when you set up your phone.


From your settings page, find and tap on “General”.


Then find and tap on “About”


Your OS version is listed next to “Version”.



Android Device - Android phone or tablet by Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google, etc.

Note: Each phone will have a slightly different process. It is not feasible to include a walkthrough of every variation, instead I will show you the general way to find this information by way of a Samsung Galaxy S5. If, after following this guide, you still cannot find your OS version I recommend doing a google search for your particular phone’s settings menu or take your phone into the retailer where you bought it.


Pull down at the top of your screen to drag down the notification bar. 


In the top right you should see a gear. Tap that to open your settings.


Search that page for a section called “about phone” or some derivation of that phrase. It is usually at or near the bottom.

Tap that and look for a section called “Android Version”. That will be your OS version.




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