I Can't Sync My Finder

I can’t sync my finder

This article will cover common issues syncing your finder to your account. It will assume that:

  1. You have successfully installed the app, click here if this is not so.
  2. You are logged into your account, click here if this is not so.


The best place to start is our XY Finder starting guides. Go ahead and read the appropriate guide if you have not already.


If that didn’t help or it directed you here, try reading our general troubleshooting guide.


Now that we’ve covered all of that, let’s get your finder syncing. Go ahead and:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth and GPS is turned on.
  2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection by turning off other apps that could use it.
  3. Your finder shows up on your ‘nearby’ page.


Common Problems syncing your finder:

An error saying your finder is claimed - For some reason our system believes your finder belongs to another account.  If you think you know which account it’s on, try removing it. If that does not work or if you don’t know of another account, contact support and send us a screenshot of your “nearby” page.

An error saying could not connect to server - This usually indicates a poor internet connection, but could sometimes indicate the server is confused and thinks your finder is claimed. Follow the instruction above to resolve this.

An error saying “428: Please reach us at migration@parse.com” - This means you have a severely outdated version of the app. Please visit your app store and update the app to the newest version.

If you are getting an error different to the above - please contact us at support with as much detail as possible to ensure a speedy resolution.

If you think you have a drained battery or there is something wrong with the Connection - from your XY Finder to your account please go to Battery/Connection Troubleshooting

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