Lesson 1: From Start to Synced

Greetings! This guide is meant to walk you through the process of setting up your Finder.

Before we really get started there is a meaningful distinction we have to make and it has to do with your Finder. Specifically do you have an XY2 or an XY3?

This image will help you tell the difference between the generations. You can also check the back, if there are any speaker holes in it it’s an XY3.


If that image does not help you identify which generation you have, please email a picture of your Finder to our support team and they can get you right as rain in no time.

Keep in mind which type you have as it will be needed later on in the guide.


First you’re going to need a smart device to link your Finders to. This could be a phone or tablet and it needs to be running at least iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0. If your device came out within the last 2 years odds are really good that you’re fine. If it’s older than that or you don’t know how to check, click here.

Note: At this time we do not support Windows phones or Blackberries.


Now, go ahead and navigate to your app store. It’s called “Play Store” on Android and “App Store” on iOS. From there search for the XY Find It app. Searching on Android is done in the big white box at the top while on iOS there is a magnifying glass on the bottom of the screen. You'll know when you find our app as the picture will show off one of our Finders with a big XY in it, tap that and then tap “Install”. It should install without a problem, but if it doesn’t click here for a list of common issues.



Now that your shiny new app is installed the install button should turn into “open”, tap that and it will open up your app. You will be prompted to ‘login’ or ‘signup’; if you already have an account you can ‘login,’ if not tap on ‘signup’.


Regardless of your choice, you’re going to want to fill in the needed info. If you have a Facebook profile you can click that button to log in or set up your account with ease. If not, or if you don’t want to use it just fill in the white boxes.


If you’re making an account, please be very careful when entering your password and then write it down right afterward.

If you are unable to create or log into an account, click here.


For this next part, make sure that your device’s Bluetooth and GPS is turned on.The method varies by phone and operating system, but the app will prompt you to turn them on if you haven't already.

Now that you’ve got your account made or logged in, you should be on the home screen of your app. It is now time to add a Finder to your account!


If this is your first time logging in you’ll be greeted by our snazzy tutorial, if not click here. Read through what it says and tap the screen to progress. At the end of the tutorial it will prompt you to add your Finder.



If you didn’t see the tutorial, fear not, on your app you should see a + sign in the upper right. See it? Tap that to add a Finder to you account.


Now you should see a page displaying the different models of XY Finder with images to help you identify yours, and a button to claim each one. Please tap the green button that says "Claim your..." for the model of XY Finder you're claiming.


XY3 - If you have an XY3 then there is a button on the front of your Finder. The button has an XY logo on it, as illustrated in the picture above. If you're claiming an XY3.1 or XY3, hold the button down until the Finder beeps as instructed by the app.



If you’re holding your Finder down for more than 5 seconds at a time and it does not beep, click here.


XY2 - If you have an XY2, you'll want to tap the button that says "Claim your XY2 or XY1." Click here to see the instructions.

XY GPS - XY GPS doesn't beep when you press the button. The button lights up instead, and then you should press it a second time to begin registration. Click here to see full instructions.

If, after doing the above, you are unable to sync your Finder, click here.


Once you have followed the instructions you’ll be greeted by a page that prompts you for a name, this is whatever you want to call your Finder (e.g. Keys, purse, Sir Findus Maximus, etc.) and a place where you can take a picture with your phone or upload one you already have to identify your Finder. 


Note: The above pictures are for iOS, if you have an Android it will look slightly different, but should still be recognizable.

Now you can click ‘save’ in the top right on iOS or on the bottom on Android.


Congratulations you’ve added your first Finder! To add another just tap the + in the upper right and start from here.


If you found this guide useful go ahead and give it a thumbs up below. 

If you have any questions about the information above feel free to drop them below in the comments.

If none of those lessons seems to have what you need, feel free to jump over to our Troubleshooting or FAQ section for more info.

If you still have questions or if you’d rather not hunt through all this, you can go ahead and send a help request straight to our customer service department

I’ll see you in Lesson 2: Don’t Lose your $#!+, Find Your Finder

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  • can't get any of mine to work.

  • Hey Susan,
    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting your Finders set up. I can see you are chatting with our Facebook support right now, but I've gone ahead and sent you an email with some additional information anyways.

  • I can barely hear it beep. Any way to turn up the volume?

  • Hey Gabby,
    Our finders are set to their highest volume by default and cannot be further increased. If you have an XY2 it may be worth considering an upgrade to an XY3 as it is 5 times louder than the previous models.

  • How many XY Finders can we put on a single phone?

  • Hi Sam,

    Your XY Find It account is unlimited, however your device (phone or tablet) has limitations to how many BLE connections it can juggle and how many items it can process. Most devices can have 5 to 7 Bluetooth connections open at once, and can process a few dozen XY Finders linked to your account.

    Please email support@xyfindit.com if you need any further assistance!


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