What is Zapier?

Zapier is a company that works to connect the input of one app, known as a "Trigger", with the output of another app, known as an "Action". Click here to go to their website.


With Zapier, you create "Zaps". Zaps are composed of a "Trigger" and an "Action". The Trigger and Action must come from an app that is included in their library of connected apps. (See them here.)

Here is an example of the XY Find It app used as a Trigger.


Trigger: Hold the button on your XY Finder

Action: Tweet "I love my XY3!"

Final Zap: When you hold down your XY Finder's button, you'll tweet "I love my XY3!".

Here is another example, but with XY Find It as an Action. (See current XY Find It Action options here.)


Trigger: Receive an email from mom

Action: XY Finder beeps

Final Zap: When you receive an email from mom, your XY3 will beep.


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