How do I know which generation of XY Finder I have?

Through the app

The easiest way to know which generation of XY Finders you have is by going into our XY Find It app, and selecting the item with the XY Finder you'd like to check. Under the battery logo in the top right of your item's picture, it should say XY1, XY2+, or XY3.

Note: If your XY Finder is labeled as an XY2, please contact us so we can upgrade the software to a XY2+ model.


XY1 and XY2+

They aren't much different physically, though if you received your XY Finder through our Kickstarter, then you have an XY1. If you purchased it later, you would have an XY2+. These two generations are also the only ones to have a "Crystal" model.

Here are sample photos of what your XY1 or XY2+ would look like:

The XY3

The XY3 has a button, designed to ring your phone if you lose it! This is the only XY Finder model that has a button. It is also the only generation with an "Amber" color.

Here are sample photos of the XY3:

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