How do you locate an item using XY Find It?

To locate the item once your XY Find It is within range, use the signal meter to help guide you towards the right direction. As you get closer to the item, the signal meter will show your item to be "near." Once the item is "near," activate the beeping function as the final step in helping you locate your item. 

If your XY Find It is out of range, the map would display the last approximate known location where your device was when it had contact with your XY Find It before going out of range to help you retrace your steps and know where to go back to retrieve your item. 

If you can't locate your item on your own, you can report it as lost within the app. Then, if your item goes within range of any device running the XY app, you will get an email with the new approximate location to help you find it. 

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