Finder Troubleshooting

This article is for all your Finder Troubleshooting needs. It will be assumed that you have read the General Troubleshooting guide found here.

XY3 Troubleshooting


There are a few issues we've encountered with the XY3 Finders, fortunately they can almost always be solved by following the General Troubleshooting tips. Which are, in brief:

Make sure your Finder has power. Change out the battery if it doesn't beep.

Make sure the app is set up right. You're logged in, your Bluetooth and GPS are on, and the app is running.

Reset your Bluetooth.

If that doesn't help you may have a damaged or defective Finder. Go ahead and contact support and we'll exchange it for a new one(as long as it's still covered by the warranty, which it should be; unless you hit it with a hammer or something).


XY2 Troubleshooting

If you’re not sure if you have an XY2 or not, click here.

The most common reasons an XY2 Finder fails to work are:

Yellow tab was not completely removed - Please open the Finder and remove the battery. Make sure the yellow tab was completely removed from the Finder.

Speaker Wires Damaged - Sometimes when the Finder is opened, the wires can be damaged.  If this is the case, contact support for redress.


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