Setting up an XY2

This is guide is a quick little aside from my Lesson 1: From Start to Synced article. This is for anyone with an XY2 who is trying to set it up.


After pressing “Do not see a button on your XY Finder” you will be greeted to one of two screens depending on whether you are using iOS or Android.


On Android you will be shown a step by step tutorial. Follow the on screen instructions and tap the screen when you’re ready to move on. At the end you will be directed to the ‘nearby’ page.


On iOS it will take you straight to the ‘nearby’ page, so I have included the tutorial below.


First, you should see a yellow tab sticking out of your finder. Go ahead and open your finder up, be mindful of the two wires connecting the 2 halves together. Take out the battery and fully remove the tab. If you do not take out the part under the battery, the finder will not work.


Reassemble your finder and place it next to your phone.


While on the ‘Nearby’ page you should see your finder listed under the ‘unclaimed’ tab. Hit “add” to add the finder to your account. Fill out the next page and hit save.



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