Do I have an XY3 or XY2 Finder?

Over the last few years as technology has improved, we have been making new versions of our XY Finder, adding features and improving performance.  Here is a guide to help you determine which of the XY Finder models you have.


XY3 (late 2016): The second version of the XY3 (we internally call them XY 3.1) was shipped during the second half of 2016 and is the current version being shipped.  The only change for this version of the XY3 is a new case with slightly sharper edges and a double injection button to make the button feel more like a button when it is pressed.  Besides this, the two versions of the XY3 are functionally the same. We also added two more air holes on the back to make them even louder.  The easiest way to identify this XY3 is to look for 3 small holes in the center of the back of the finder.


XY3 (early 2016): The first version of XY3 (we internally called them XY 3.0) was shipped during the first half of 2016.  For this version, we added a button and also an amplifier for the buzzer.  This made this version of XY one of the loudest (if not the loudest) finder on the market.  The button also allows us to ship the finders without a battery protector and we wake up the finder with a button press.  We also added an air hole on the back of the finder near the left edge.  The single air hole on the back of the XY3 is the easiest way to identify it.


XY2: The XY2 Finder was sold mainly during 2015 and Q1 of 2016.  They are still available at some online and physical stores, but no new XY2s are being made.  The main difference for an XY2 is that it has no button and also does not have an amplifier for the buzzer.  Since there is no button, they have a plastic battery protector that is shipped in them to prevent the battery from draining before you receive them.  The easiest way to tell if you have an XY2 is to look on the back of the Finder and there should be no air holes on the back at all.  


XY1: Our initial finder was only distributed as part of our Kickstarter campaign and shortly after it.  There are not very many of these and unless you got your finder in 2014, you almost certainly do not have and XY1.

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