Having trouble connecting your finder to the XY Find It app?

Sometimes there can be a problem connecting your new XY3 or XY2 finder to the XY App.  If this is the case for you, we apologize.  Here are some simple steps that you can try before contacting support to get your finder to work.  If these steps do not work, please contact us at support@xyfindit.com.


1. Determine if you have an XY3 or XY2 Finder.  Not sure, this article can help you determine which you have (Do I have an XY3 or XY2 Finder?).


2a. If you have an XY3 finder, first make sure that the finder is working.  To do this, locate the button on the front of the finder and hold it down.  In both versions of the XY3 Finders (3.0 and 3.1), the button is located under the XY logo.  After you hold it down for several seconds, the finder should beep.  If it is a single beep, the finder was already on, and if it is a two note beep, that means your finder just woke up.


2b. If you have an XY2 finder, make sure that the battery is in the device and that the yellow battery protector has been fully removed.  If you pulled the tab and it broke off, there may still be a part of the battery protector in the finder.  This article can help you with making sure that your XY2 has the battery correctly in place. 


3. Now that your finder is awake, open the XY Find It app on your smart phone. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and that your phone can reach the Internet.  From the main screen on the app, click the '+' button to start adding your finder.


4a. If you have an XY3, press the button on your Finder until it beeps.  This can take a second or two, but should not be much longer.  Once it beeps, the screen in your app should switch to a progress bar and then take you to a page where you can name your finder and add a picture to it once the progress bar reaches 100%. 


4b. If you have an XY2, tap the "Do not see a button on your XY Finder" link and follow the instructions in the app to select the Finder to add.


5. Name your beacon and (optionally) assign a picture to it.  Tap Save or Done and then your Finder will be added to your app.


6. You are now ready to use your finder.  To add additional finders, please follow these steps again.


7. If these steps did not help you resolve your problem, please email us at support@xyfindit.com and we can help you troubleshoot the problem.

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